The Fractured Monk

Helping you to navigate this human experience elegantly and eloquently so that you can triumph.

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About Me

I help people triumph as human beings by helping them recognise and develop their inherent intellectual, emotional and spiritual power so that they can lead lives of security, significance, fulfilment and grace.


To this end, I introduce them to arcane military cultures, philosophies and spiritual practice.


My work is driven by the writing and philosophies of Seneca, Carl Jung, Rumi, Francis of Assisi, Marcus Arelius, Joseph Jaworski and Carlos Castaneda.


As an author I strongly resonate and am pulled by the siren’s
song of the enchanting Roald Dahl, the debauchery, darkness and depression of Ernest Hemingway and the eccentricities, excesses and craziness of poet and author, Charles Bukowski.


The abiding philosophical and spiritual practices that are the thin line that keeps me from becoming Charles Bukowski are Sufism and Stoicism.

I’ve been invited to present discourses from Milan to Malmesbury.


When I’m not writing, speaking and trying to stave off my inner Bukowski, you’ll find me playing chess and catching bass.


My latest PechaKucha presentation on 6 February 2019 called Spartan.

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